Product Recalls

Helsinki and Mercury Lamps - PLEASE STOP USE IMMEDIATELY

Helsinki and Mercury lamps

241-164-40 Helsinki Table Lamp
241-165-67 Helsinki Floor Lamp
241-165-48 Mercury Table Lamp
241-165-56 Mercury Floor lamp

During our routine quality checks, we have identified a potential safety hazard with the above listed items.

In a small number of cases the consumer may receive an electric shock.

We urge you to return the item to our Quality Control Department at the address listed below free of charge:

Quality Control Department
Express Gifts Limited
PO Box 35
Otherwise please call our Careline on 0371 200 0378. Lines are open 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

Upon receipt of your return a full credit for the item will be placed on your account. This does not affect your statutory rights.

May we take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this isolated incident and stress that the quality and safety of our products and the safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us as a business.

VTech Pack and Go Travel Mobile

EGL Item Reference 240-536-27XX, first four digits of VTech model ID engraved on the toy: 5030.

VTech Pack and Go Travel Mobile clamp detail The clamp that attaches the mobile on a crib or on a playpen consists of two pieces of white and orange plastic.

After a few months of use, the white part may show signs of cracking and weaken the clamp.

To date the manufacturer has received four consumer comments in France about the cracks. In none of the cases has the mobile fallen into a cot or play pen. The risk is very small but -as a precaution- the manufacturer has decided to withdraw the product from the sale.

If you have one of these mobiles and if you still use it with its arm and clamp, we advise you to regularly monitor the condition of the clamp. If a crack appears, we recommend that you immediately remove this toy from your child's reach and return it to us for exchange.

If you no longer use the arm and clamp, but still use the music box attached to the stroller by a big green clip, you can continue this use without any risk.

Whatever the situation, if you are worried and prefer to return your toy, even if it has no apparent defect, we will exchange it without discussion against an equivalent toy.

To exchange your product, please contact us.

Whirlpool Corporation Tumble Dryer Modification Programme


This is an important safety announcement for all consumers who have purchased a Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan or Proline branded tumble dryer after April 2004.

A potential safety and quality concern has been identified with two types of tumble dryers manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015. In some rare cases, excess fluff can come into contact with the heating element and present a risk of fire.

We are activating an extensive consumer outreach and service action plan in order to update affected products to higher safety and quality standards to address this issue. If you have an affected product, we will arrange a visit from an engineer, free of charge, to modify your appliance. The service call will take approximately an hour. The improvements we believe are necessary will further enhance the safety and quality of the dryer.

You should unplug and do not use the tumble dryer before a modification has taken place

To find out whether your dryer may be affected and to register your product for the free, in-home modification, visit one of these websites:

Creda and Proline customers should visit

Make sure you have your model and serial numbers at hand. These can be found on the tag located either on the back of the dryer's door or on the recess of the dryer's door.