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What you need to know about Studio Pay
Credit Account shopping

Representative 39.9% APR Variable.
(APR for new customers only)
Credit subject to status. Over 18's only

Flexible ways to pay

Studio Pay is the easy, flexible way to shop with us.
It makes it possible for you to get what you need, with more time to pay.

You can pay the minimum amount on your monthly balance, pay the full amount or somewhere in between – the choice is yours. It's always best to pay off as much as you can afford, and when you pay your balance in full there's no interest.

You can also choose an Interest Saver planInterest Saver plan* when spending £50 or more.

Shop how it suits you

Studio Pay lets you spread the cost of your bigger buys, get what you need without waiting for pay day, and stay on top of all your spending, too.

You can review your statements, make payments and check your orders anywhere, anytime, via our app or website – so you’re always in control.

Discover all the perks of Studio Pay


Spot it. Shop it. Pay for it later.

A Studio Pay Credit Account lets you get what you need with more time to pay.


Spread the cost
when you need to

Turn your bigger buys into smaller, more manageable monthly payments – to give yourself more time to pay.


Pay in full
or pay monthly

When your statement comes you can pay the balance in full or pay less, as long as you meet the minimum payment – it's your choice.


Up to 56 days to pay
each time you shop.

This applies to your new purchases only. You will still be required to make the monthly minimum payment requested on your statement.


Stay on top of your
spending via the app

Keep track of everything you buy and know what you need to pay when, via our app.


Click to shop
with one touch

Studio Pay lets you check out faster. Just click to put it on your account.


Exclusive interest-saving offers

Studio Pay customers get access to our 3 month Interest Saver offer when spending £50 or more.

How to apply

Simply select Studio Pay Credit Account at the checkout when placing your first order. You can also take up our Interest Saver offer if you spend £50 or more.

You just need to enter a few details, then we'll run a search with credit reference agencies and give you a decision in minutes. This may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Once we've sent your order, we'll send you a statement showing all the information about your account, like your credit limit, purchases and payments.

How to choose an interest-saving offer

Look out for our Interest Saver offer when you get to the checkout. Click the buttons below to find out more.

Studio Pay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I spread the cost?

    Yes, it's easy to spread the cost at Studio with a Studio Pay Credit Account.

    You don't need to make a payment when you order, you simply wait for your statement. Once it arrives you can either pay in full or spread the cost and pay monthly to give yourself a bit more time.

    Remember, you must pay the minimum payment each month, and it's always best to pay off as much as you can afford. If you pay off your balance in full, on time, you pay no interest.

  • What are my repayments and when are they due?

    Each month we send you a statement showing what you've bought, refunds you've had, payments you've made and any charges due. Your statement also shows how much you need to pay and when.

    You must make at least the minimum payment. If your balance is less than £10, you'll need to pay in full.

    Remember it's always best to pay off as much as you can afford. If you pay off your balance in full, on time, you pay no interest.

    If you don't pay the minimum payment or you are late paying it, we may charge you a fee of £12. Refunds and returns don't count as payments.

    If you're waiting for a refund or have a dispute on your account, you must still pay at least the minimum payment.

  • How can I make payments?

    You can make payments on our website, via the Studio app, or over the phone with us, or by posting a cheque, or postal order. You can also pay via your bank, in branch.

    The easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit, which automatically takes the minimum payment every month.

  • How do you calculate interest?

    We charge interest when you pay monthly for your shopping. Your statement shows you how much interest you've been charged that month, and also how much you're likely to be charged the month after.

    We calculate the interest daily using the account balance, once we have processed all transactions for that day. We then add the total of the daily interest charges to the account balance on your statement date. Interest is 'compounded', which means we charge interest on interest. We don't compound interest on default charges.

  • How does interest work with an Interest Saver plan?

    If you take advantage of an Interest Saver plan you won’t need to pay interest if you pay the plan balance in full by the time it expires. If the balance is not paid in full then interest will be charged on the balance remaining and back dated to the order dispatch date.

  • What can I do to reduce interest?

    There are 4 ways you can reduce how much interest you pay:

    • Paying the full outstanding balance before the due date will ensure no interest is charged
    • Pay off as much as you can each month
    • Make your payments as soon as you can each month
    • If you’ve chosen an Interest Saver plan paying the full balance outstanding before the end date will ensure that no interest is charged. Paying as much of the balance off before the end date will reduce the interest charged at the end of the plan.

  • I have a Buy Now Pay Later plan, how does this work?

    Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plans are not currently available to new or existing Studio Pay customers. However, you may still have a BNPL plan running you took out in the past.

    BNPL plans allow you to get what you need now and pay nothing for the length of the plan. Once your BNPL plan starts, you don’t need to make any payments until the plan ends. If you pay off the plan balance before the end of the term you pay no interest. If you don't pay off your plan balance by the end date you'll be charged interest on the balance remaining. Interest is backdated to the order dispatch date and added to your Studio Pay Credit Account.

*You must make a minimum monthly payment to keep your Interest Saver plan running. If you miss a monthly payment the plan may end early and you'll be charged interest together with a default sum. If the plan balance has not been paid in full by the plan end date, you'll be charged interest using your account's normal interest rate on any balance remaining. Interest is backdated to the order dispatch date. This is added to your Studio Pay Credit Account balance which is subject to your normal repayment terms and interest rate. The offer is subject to your account status. Frasers Group Financial Services Limited reserves the right to withdraw the Interest Saver offer at any time

Studio Pay, Shopping With Credit


Be entertained with our wide section of Tvs on credit


Comfy affordable furniture with finance options


Spread the cost of large appliances for home

Studio Pay, for shopping on credit

Want to enjoy the financial flexibility of a Studio Pay Credit Account when shopping with us? Explore the range of products available in our pay monthly options, below.

Home shopping on credit

Whether you’re looking to add an entire sofa suite to your living room, or you want to upgrade your washing machine, you can buy home products on finance with Studio Pay credit account shopping.

Go room by room, adding the essential furniture you need to outfit your home. Maybe you’ve been eyeing up a new desk and chair for your home office? Or perhaps you’d like to prioritise the dining room, purchasing a dining set that gives everyone more room at meal times?

No matter what homeware you need, our pay monthly options makes your purchases more manageable.

Garden shopping on credit

For those wanting to get ready for a summer of sun, our shopping with credit options let's you better manage the cost of garden essentials.

It could be that your garden furniture needs a bit of a refresh, transforming your patio into an attractive al fresco area. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a garden shed to better organise the tools and toys that would otherwise clutter your backyard. We also offer garden tools, such as lawnmowers, in our pay monthly option.

Electricals shopping on credit

Our shopping with credit also extends to electricals, meaning you can upgrade your television, or finally invest in your favourite state-of-the-art cooker oven, without needing to pay an upfront lump sum.

Want to play the latest video game releases? Browse our deals on PS5, Xbox, andNintendo Switch consoles to see how you can take advantage of Studio Pay credit account shopping.

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Money worries?

If you're struggling to afford your monthly payments, we're here to help. Get in touch as soon as you can, and we can work out a plan to get you back on track.

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